25 Traits of highly successful sales people   #1 They love what they do You can’t manufacture passion, and successful salespeople love what they do so much that their energy and enthusiasm is contagious. And after all, a sale is just a transfer of enthusiasm.   #2 They ask high-value

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The 10 most underutilized personal tax deductions. The IRS tax codes for personal income span almost 12,000 pages over six volumes, which would take a lifetime for a regular person to read and decipher. And with codes, laws, and rules changing every year, the business of reducing tax liability is

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The 40 most overused business terms – Part 2 In part one of this blog, we highlighted twenty words or phrases used in business so commonly that they’ve taken on a life of their own. So if you hear things like ‘synergy,’ ‘give 110%’, and ‘paradigm shift’ around your office,

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Study finds B2B Procurement systems rife with inefficiencies, cost companies $1.5 billion annually.   B2B procurement systems have come a long way in the digital age, expanding productivity and ultimately saving companies time and money, right? That’s not always the case, according to a comprehensive study into B2B procurement conducted

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