We put the right person in control, at the right time.
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Buyers get to search anonymously. Vendors get higher quality leads.


I'm a Buyer

Take a closer look at your potential vendors without them knowing who you are.


I'm a Seller

Talk about cherry picking! Get qualified hot leads knocking at your door.


I Buy & Sell

Achieve increased efficiency performing multiple job tasks within one platform.

How it works

SocialQualified is designed to be mutually beneficial to both Buyers and Vendors with no upfront financial risk. The concept is to give each party the appropriate control of the buyer/vendor introduction process at the appropriate time.

The buyer ultimately determines who they want to speak with, but the vendor ultimately determines if the buyer is worth speaking to. Buyers have ideal vendors, but vendors also have ideal clients. SocialQualified helps break down those matching requirements to enhance the possibility of a valuable business relationship.

SocialQualified is designed to promote the relationship aspect of sales and match the mindset and requirements of both the vendor and buyer. Making a major purchase is not very different than dating. There are many factors beyond the surface view that drive our decisions.

Every vendor has a match and every buyer has a match, but not every vendor and buyer match each other.